Meet Our Goats

We own a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats that we milk twice a day. We use goat milk as the base of our soap so that with each use you get all the vitamins, minerals, and many other amazing skin benefits that goat milk has to offer!

Did you know? Not all of our products contain goat’s milk because we would have to add preservatives to them to keep the milk from going bad. We don’t want any artificial preservatives in anything we make! So we only add our fresh milk to the soaps!

Our Goats

Meet Winchester!

Winchester is our newest man in the group! He is a sweet buck that we recently added to the herd and is very much a ladies’ man! He recently had a birthday and is such a handsome boy!

Born: February 22, 2018
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Reddish Brown with Frosted Ears
Eyes: Light Blue

Meet Faun!

Faun is the daughter of Claire and the first goat ever born on our farm! She is very outspoken and loud, especially when it’s feeding time.
Her bleat sounds very similar to a human yelling 😬 She will drag it out for seconds at a time to be sure that we remembered to feed them that day.. haha!

Faun absolutely loves hugs and will walk right up to us when she wants a good hug around the neck.
She is not as great of a milker as her mom, Claire, due to the fact that she has a special talent of kicking the milk bucket over. She also loves sitting in the milking pan while we are trying to milk.. not fun!
Faun is kind of like the comedian of the herd and is always making us laugh.

Born: January 20, 2013
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Light Brown with White Stripe down face
Eyes: Light Blue

Meet Sugar Baby!

Sugar Baby is a sweet goat that came from another farm!
She joined our farm last summer along with a few other goats and a new guard dog named Nancy!
She gave birth to Tootsie in January and is currently the easiest milker. We fight over who gets to milk her 🤣 She also gives us the most milk!🥛

Born: April 2, 2021
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Tri-colored
Eyes: Brown

Meet Daisy!

This is Daisy May!🌼 She is one of our twins born in May. She got her name because we had wild daisies growing on the farm at the time she was born!

Her twin sister is Buttercup and they are the sweetest sisters. They are both very socialized because our girls play with them every day!
Born: May 4, 2023
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Creamy White
Eyes: Blue

Meet Clover!

Clover has her hands full with her twin daughters Daisy and Buttercup!
She spends her days keeping up with these two! She loves her morning milking time and eating all the food she wants! She is a sweet momma!

Born: March 2020
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Black and white
Eyes: Blue

Meet Poppy!

Poppy is one of our newest babies on the farm! She was actually a single birth and ended up being twice the size of the twins that were born a few weeks before her! She and the twins can still fit through the cattle panel fence and they love to eat the grass on the other side. She loves when our girls tote her around and love on her 🥰

Born: May 24, 2023
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Black and White with 4 Black Stockings
Eyes: Blue

Meet Tootsie!

Last month we introduced y’all to Sugar Baby and this month we are featuring her daughter Tootsie! Tootsie is a bit skittish, but still a sweetheart! We named her Tootsie because of her and her momma’s sweet personalities!

Born: January 29, 2023
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Tri-color
Eyes: Blue Eyes

Meet Claire!

Claire is one of our four original goats that started it all 10 years ago! She has taught us so many important lessons along the way. This sweet girl has been with us through learning how to raise and care for goats, learning how to milk, starting a petting zoo, and has now become Faith Farms most faithful milker!

You may have noticed her “special” horn– one day Claire was out grazing and got in a head-butting tussle with another goat which ended in her horn breaking off. There was quite a bit of blood and now her “special” horn will never catch up with the other. This is why we believe it is important to disbud our goats at a young age!

Born: January 5, 2012
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: All White
Eyes: Light Blue

Meet Bella!

Bella is a handful! She is the daughter of Claire and she is a triplet to two brothers. She was the runt of the 3. Claire is usually a very loving and nurturing mother to her babies, but she ended up rejecting Bella as her own. When we went out to the barn one morning, Bella was on the verge of dying. We brought her inside and bottle-raised her in the house for several months until she was strong enough.

Now we don’t even know if she realizes she is a goat, haha! She lives out in the barn now so every time we go out to feed and milk she looks at us like “Why am I out here with these animals?” and would follow us right back into the house if we would let her! We love you Bella!

Born: February 21, 2018
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Color: Tri-colored
Eyes: Blue